BEAUCERON (Berger-de-Beauce, Bas Rouge)


Welcome to ALFA SAGITTARIUS kennel homepage!

I liked very much German Shepherds and I was dealing with them for about 10 years. But my husband likes very much Dobermans. Once I saw a photo of Beauceron in the Atlas of Dog Breeds and understood that I had found a real compromise for both of us. So in 1999 we decided to take a beauceron puppy. At that time there were no beaucerons in Russia and no information about them. I managed to find a French magazine VOS CHIENS with an advertising of LES ASSIERS kennel with photo of gorgeous JODY des ASSIERS and fax number of M-me Reverdy. I contacted her and reserved a female puppy from the planned litter. The puppies from Jody des Assiers (Cot.6, Ch. Fr.) and out of Loops des Assiers (Cot.4) were born on July 17, 1999. In the middle of September we came to France and took our first beauceron PANTHERE-NOIRE des ASSIERS. That was the first beauceron from France and the second in Russia. The very first beauceron in Russia was brought to Kalinigrad city in spring 1999. It was an adult bitch Brita od Rajchanki (Gino Manuela x Bakara Arnak) imported from Slovakia.

Panthere-Noire des Assiers grew up in a very nice dog of "perfect Assiers type". She took part in many dog shows, passed the IPO1 training and gave us 3 litters of beautiful puppies.
Tera is Interchampion, Ch. of Russia. HD-A (free)

In 2001 we took a male puppy DRAGO vom WEINGRABEN. He was born in a small Austrian kennel VOM WEINGRABEN. This kennel is known by the working dogs. His father Onyx v.d. Widenau was a multichampion of many SchH3/FH trials. Drago is also very successful in IPO and Mondioring training.
Drago is Ch. of Russia and Byelorussia. HD-A/ED 0 (free)

Now we have 3 dogs in our kennel and 3 in co-owning:

Panthere-Noire des Assiers (import France)

Drago vom Weingraben (import Austria)

Alfa Sagittarius Bonita-Ray

Alfa Sagittarius Afina Pallada (co-owning, Moscow)

Alfa Sagittarius Valkiria (co-owning, Moscow)

Abigael Fortuna z Dorky (Czech import, co-owning, St-Petersburg)

On May 27, 2007 we''ll have the Beauceron special dog show. Judge will be Mr. Leos Jancik from Czech Republic. The Character tests will be held after the show.

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